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Reaching out...

Over these past few months, here at Bethany we have aimed at keeping the family together despite the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic isn’t going to stop the church uniting together as the body of Christ.

We have seen a rise in mental illnesses at an alarming rate within our community. To combat these problems, we set up daily 7pm prayers to make sure that there was regular support openly available for our members. The children were regularly involved in bible studies and many got involved in our Creative Arts Team where they played an integral part in building our social media pages. We held regular youth meetings to ensure that our young adults were not dealing with any issues on their own.

In an aid to extend our arms to the surrounding community, we reached our people in a number of ways through our social media pages. One of which was our Facebook group which involved trivia targeted at all age groups and weekly live interaction involving Zumba and other interactive games in an aim to reach out to those who may be living alone or feeling loneliness.

In addition to this, we helped those from parts of India and Sri Lanka who had severely been impacted by the pandemic. We organised a food bank to help individuals and families who, at the time were not only impacted by the pandemic but also flooding. We were so greatly blessed to have done this that we set out to help these areas a second time and saw that many families were touched by this.

It is during these times that we are required to extend our arm, reach out and show Gods love. We will continue to support and encourage those around us.

If you would like to contribute to our ministry, please contact us through